Let's Make Art Matter for CJ Kuster- September 2019

Let's Make Art Matter for CJ Kuster- September 2019
Gather your supplies and join us in a favorite community activity! Each month here at Let's Make Art we like to make art matter for someone special. This month's recipient is an accomplished artist who creates for others while raising awareness for a cause that is dear to his heart.

CJ was paralyzed over twenty years ago in a swimming accident. Not letting it hold him back, CJ turned to art as an outlet and has since made a name for himself creating 'car-toons' for car enthusiasts using art markers. Not one to stay with a single medium, he also creates beautiful paintings with watercolors. With both of these techniques, CJ uses only his mouth to hold his brush and markers!

Recently CJ was hospitalized, and although he is now home, he is feeling uninspired in his personal paintings. Let's rally together with a show of love and support for this fellow artist!

Watch the tutorial here

If you are not subscribed to the Let's Make Art Monthly Subscription Box, but would still like to send them some love, please email hello@letsmakeart.com for their address.

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