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What's this Let's Make Art stuff all about?
We understand that not everybody has the time and space to create. We know you don’t have a huge studio with amazing lighting and open windows, you most likely have a kitchen table or the living room floor. You most likely have a job and everyday responsibilities that sometimes leave you spinning in circles. You might only have time to slip in an hour here or an hour there (naptimes, anybody?) That is just fine, I do the same exact thing! We want to remind you that you can still create and you don’t need all the bells and whistles. At Let’s Make Art we will make it easy for you. We will inspire you. We will paint with you and laugh with you as we try new things. Sometimes you might surprise yourself, or it may not turn out how we want, or sometimes it might straight up look bad (it's going to happen - just embrace it) , but we laugh at that and move on! So whether you are painting on your living room floor or at the kitchen table while kids are doing homework, picking up watercolors for the first time or are falling back in love with them - wherever you are - let’s make art.

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