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Welcome to Let's Make Art!

The hardest part of learning something new is knowing where to start, but we make it simple.
We've created some amazing products and tutorials just for you, so you can focus on the good part: learning and making art!


G O L D E N   R E T R I E V E R

Okay my friends, we have heard your requests and we are doing it - a dog! Here's the good news. If you've done the mama bear tutorial with us, then you already have great practice on painting golden retrievers. They have fairly similar facial structures (mostly the snout) which will help as we define the different planes of the face. PLUS, I worked from a reference photo that one of you submitted, so I can show you what I look for when I am painting from a photograph!

-Sarah Cray

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In this project, we are finally learning all about blending with brush pens! There are three different techniques we'll cover and when you're finished, your friends will ask, "Wow, how did you do that!?" and you'll say, "Magic." Let's get started and make some magic with brush pens! - Nicole Miyuki



Mama Bear
Floral Truck
Tulip Jar
Wild Trees
Mama Bear
Floral Truck

What's Let's Make Art all about?

We understand that not everybody has the time and space to create.

At Let's Make Art we will make it simple for you. We will inspire you. We will make art with you and laugh with you as we try new things. Sometimes you might surprise yourself, sometimes it may not turn out how you want, and sometimes it might straight up look bad (it’s going to happen - just embrace it). But either way, we will be doing it together week by week.

So, wherever you are on your personal creative journey, let’s just have some fun and make some art.
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Let's Make Art Matter

Every month we pick an individual or family who needs a little bit of extra love.

A pre-addressed pre-stamped watercolor postcard comes in your monthly subscription box with a little bit of information about the person or family who has been selected, so you can make a personalized post card to brighten their day!
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