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Welcome to Let's Make Art

The hardest part of learning something new is knowing where to start, but we make it simple. We’ve created some amazing products and tutorials just for you, so you can focus on the good part: learning and making art!

How It Works


Enjoy free education from talented artists Sarah Cray and Nicole Miyuki, to learn how to complete projects in watercolors and hand lettering.


With our project kits and subscription boxes, we’ve made it easy for you to dive right into the fun part. Let’s make some art!


Your artistic journey is your own, but why not share your progress and gather support from our amazing community?

Choose Your Box

Our subscription art boxes combine free education with curated supplies to make it easy and fun to make art!
No commitment.

Monthly Subscription
Watercolor Box
Each month, you’ll receive four new watercolor projects, including project outlines (when applicable), and a fresh supply of watercolor paints and plenty of paper. You’ll have a complete project at the end of each tutorial-supported lesson!
Monthly Subscription
Lettering Box
When you subscribe to the lettering box, you’ll receive quality supplies and learning materials to practice lettering and complete four lettering lessons each month, with accompanying video tutorials. Learning to letter by hand has never been easier!
Coming Soon
Art Journaling Box
Let’s Make Art will soon be releasing new art journaling tutorials along with a monthly box filled with inspiration and new supplies delivered to your door. It’s just the reminder you need to take a regular creative time out for your own well-being.
Coming Soon!

Video Tutorials

Let’s Make Art video tutorials are created for you to start with any project, no matter the experience level. Pick your favorite or start with this week’s release - you can’t go wrong!


Watch Videos


Watch Videos


Let's Make Art Matter

Sometimes we want to show our support, but don’t have the right words to say. That’s why each month, we select a nominee to receive handmade postcards from the Let’s Make Art community. If you know someone that could use some love and support, you can nominate them to be our next Let’s Make Art Matter recipient. We would love to make art matter for them.


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