Introducing Let's Make Art Matter

Hello friends,
We want to start off by saying we think you are amazing, brave, and wonderful people who are still chasing down their creativity and willing to try something new. And we love you for that.
We have all learned as we go through our days that life is hard, and we don’t necessarily mean just one person, we mean everyone’s. It may be one particular family that had a very rough year—from cancer to suicide to miscarriages to divorce. Every time something horrible happens we want to say something, anything, that could comfort them, but who even knows what to say in those situations? So instead of saying, we create. Just so they know we are thinking about them, just so they know they are loved. It is through these experiences that we realized that art can be so much more than fun illustrations. Art can help bring people together, spread love, and sometimes heal. We want everybody to know that.
So every month in our subscription box we include a little postcard. A postcard for someone who needs a little extra love or thought. But we need your help. While we would love to send these postcards to people we personally know, we want this to reach beyond my grasp, and that is where you come in. As you go about your day, think of someone who might need this. It can be anybody, a sweet neighbor that you appreciate, someone who is lonely, or down, or sad. Send us their information and we can see if we can brighten their day, even just for a little bit. Because we are all in this together.

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  • Shannon Howe

    I spend time with my watercolors every day. It has been very healing and makes me feel alive. I recently spent a few weeks as an inpatient in a mental health unit for severe depression. One thing we talked about daily was art therapy. When I came across your art boxes I was thrilled. I just wan TV to say “Thank you!” for helping bring art into my life! I am so grateful!

  • Grateful

    I recently started subscribing to the watercolor box and I just wanted to say how much this has really helped me. I take care of my partner who suffers from a severe mental illness, which exacts an enormous toll on my own mental health. I’m not an artistic person by nature, but I took up this subscription so that I can create a little time and space for myself. And it truly has been a blessing for the days when I have trouble finding the strength to get up and do something. Thank you for making such joyful videos and creating such beautiful projects—they’ve given me so much peace.

  • Nancy

    Hi, I’m not very talented but I have always done a few crafts so I’ve tried a few of your tutorials, with not much success. But you make this so fun I am going to try todays. You have a great show and the people who help you are fantastic. Congrats on the new baby! Please keep teaching. You are so loved by so many. God bless you and your family.

  • Nancy

    I’m not very talented and have tried very few of your tutorials but you make them look like so much fun I am going to try a few more.

  • Amy Brooks

    When I first learned about Let’s Make Art Matter, I thought we would be highlighted at Christmas time. In fact, we were featured in February. The response was AMAZING! We got so many beautiful cards – at just the perfect time. In March, we have been hit with the Corona Virus quarantine. Our residents are separated from their family and friends. Thanks to Lets Make Art Matter, we have been able to give them beautiful, handmade cards to lift their spirits. The cards a bright and sunny watercolors. Each one was touched to receive one. You timing was so perfect. Thanks so much for choosing up!

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