Let's Make Art Matter for Linden- January 2019

Let's Make Art Matter for Linden- January 2019

When you meet her, Linden seems like a typical 7 year-old girl. She's cheerful, polite, and a bit silly. She also struggles with sensory processing disorder, which means information she receives through her senses (sight, sound, touch, taste, etc.) is not processed in a "typical" way. She is often overwhelmed by the sounds of her world and the clothing she wears. She has often said that she feels like she is not valuable because of her sensory processing disorder. Linden draws and makes costumes and stories for the characters she has created, using these characters to showcase her emotions. Let's show Linden how much she is loved and valued.

Paint a postcard for Linden from Wisconsin and show her how much she is loved and valued.

If you would like to send Linden a postcard, a stamped and addressed postcard is included in the January Subscription Box. 


If you are not subscribed to the Let's Make Art Monthly Subscription Box, but would still like to send Linden some love, please email hello@letsmakeart.com for the address.


  • Well i know how she feels but i like how she put her positive energy into drawing and making costumes and don’t forget her stories. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR TELLING ME 😛🐴

  • I painted a postcard for this sweetie… but I noticed that the card was addressed to Lexi, not Linden. Is this a nickname? Just wanted to make sure I’m sending it with the correct name.

  • I love that you chose a horse to do for her post card!! Two of my grandchildren had sensory integration therapy when they were 3 and 5 years old and my grand daughter later took horse riding therapy lessons!!! So whether Sarah was aware or not horses are very active in helping children with sensory issues and many many other issues … THANK YOU LETS MAKE ART!!!

    Peggy McKay
  • I subscribed to Let’s Make Art as a Christmas gift for my 15-year-old daughter. I had no idea you guys did this. When me daughter saw the postcard and read the story, she was in tears! She loves that you do this for kids. Thank you for showing us all how to give in such a simple, sweet way.

    Celina Fischer

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