Get excited! It’s time for something rarely seen here at Let’s Make Art.  Can you guess? We are hosting a Fall GIVEAWAY here on our website! 

You are going to want to enter this drawing.  A bundle of handpicked art supplies as well as a coveted I’m Not Mad About It shirt and this is just the tip of the iceberg here.  By entering this drawing and clicking yes to receive our newsletter you will be among the first to learn of exciting new products being offered in the next few months.  While this in and of itself is exciting you also will receive each free tutorials each week. Our email subscribers are always the first to find out of any sales that may be happening.  Speaking of which you may want to keep your eyes open there may be something coming soon…




    Such an inspiration to all of us for this wonderful website. A true “wanna be” beginner.

  • Linda K Niles

    love, Love, LOVE Let’s Make Art!!! Having some major surgery next month so hopefully will find more time to pain while I recover!!! It would be SO COOL to win this awesome set!!! THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU ALL DO!!!!! BLESSINGS TO ALL!

  • Donna Simmons

    I’m so excited to find this company and get back into painting. It’s 🐝 forever it seems Soon. I’ll be able to set up my studio in our Neely renovated sunroom. I’d be so excited to be chosen!!

  • Susan Mauren

    I’ve never painted before and I’m now addicted! Thank you so much for giving me and so many others the opportunity to experience art.

  • Barb Koch

    I’m loving the changes and new products and kid kits.

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