Pumpkin Sheet Cake Recipe

Enjoy this favorite recipe of Sarah's to celebrate the release of the Cup O' Love watercolor tutorial!

Decorating for Thanksgiving Dinner (let's make a banner!)

Learn how to make a super cute Thanksgiving-themed banner in 6 easy steps! Love to host? See how you can take a few easy projects to add the finishing touch to your place setting.

Fall Art Projects

Celebrate the best time of year with these festive, autumnal art projects!

Halloween Activity for Kids

Enjoy this interactive Haunted House project for kids! With doors and windows that open and close, you never know who you'll find living in this house. Whether it's full of zombies and monsters or fairies and princesses, your child's imagination will run wild in this spook-tacular holiday art tutorial.

Fall Leaf Art Project

Bring the beauty of fall indoors with this mini-tutorial! Play with making prints of fall leaves using just a few tools.

Introducing Acrylic

Here's all you need to know about painting with acrylic! Whether you're experienced in art or just starting out, you'll find that acrylic is the most versatile and affordable medium to get started with. Let's paint!

Guest Artist Program At Let's Make Art

We have an announcement here at Let’s Make Art! As you all know, we have three amazing artists who create monthly art boxes and weekly tutorials (p...

Your 2020 Fall Color Inspiration Guide

Create art that represents the best time of year with these inspirational fall color palettes! Select a color palette we've created to transform a project, or experiment and make your own color scheme. It's time to bring the autumn weather inside with seasonal artwork!

7 days of self-care

In honor of National Self-Care month, we are hosting a week long challenge with daily inspirations to create your own mandala in different ways. Mandalas are known to promote sleep, ease depression, and reduce stress and pain. Check out your daily prompts to spend a little more time on yourself, not just this month but all year!

Three Floral Gouache Painting Projects

If you want to learn more about gouache or are looking for more projects to create with gouache, we're resurfacing these three free floral tutorials! Say that three times fast. ;) 

Leaves Are Falling Lettering Project by Danison Fronda

Hand lettering artist, Danison Fronda, joins the Let's Make Art blog to share a special fall-themed lettering project! Follow the step-by-step inst...

Introducing Gouache

Ever wonder what would happen if watercolor and acrylic paint met and had a baby? Well, wonder no more, because that little bundle of joy is called gouache! Read on to learn all about this opaque medium! 

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