7 days of self-care

In honor of National Self-Care month, we are hosting a week long challenge with daily inspirations to create your own mandala in different ways. Mandalas are known to promote sleep, ease depression, and reduce stress and pain. Check out your daily prompts to spend a little more time on yourself, not just this month but all year!

Three Floral Gouache Painting Projects

If you want to learn more about gouache or are looking for more projects to create with gouache, we're resurfacing these three free floral tutorials! Say that three times fast. ;) 

Leaves Are Falling Lettering Project by Danison Fronda

Hand lettering artist, Danison Fronda, joins the Let's Make Art blog to share a special fall-themed lettering project! Follow the step-by-step inst...

Introducing Gouache

Ever wonder what would happen if watercolor and acrylic paint met and had a baby? Well, wonder no more, because that little bundle of joy is called gouache! Read on to learn all about this opaque medium! 

A Mother's Day Gift That Lives On

This inexpensive Mother's Day gift is more valuable than anything money could buy! Created by you but written by them, this is the story of a life to be treasured and remembered. Whether she's your birth mother, grandmother, or a mother-like figure in your life, give the gift of timelessness this year.

An Artist's Guide to Minimizing Waste

Paint, paper, the boxes your supplies come in... As artists, we go through a lot of extra waste. If you're the creative type, here are a few simple things you could be doing differently to not only show some extra love to our planet, but to also keep all your things tidy and organized!

Lettering Challenge Recap - January 2020

31 Days of Lettering! In case you missed it or want to do it again, here's a recap of our daily lettering challenge from January 2020! Whether it's...

How To Be Mindful When Making Art

What exactly is mindfulness, and how do we practice it? Art journaling artist Jesse Petersen shares some of her insight on the art-making process to get the most out of your time with yourself.

Kid-Friendly Activities for the Mom or Dad that Needs a Break

Feeling bored or overwhelmed being stuck at home? Are you running out of ideas to keep the kids entertained? We did the hard work for you and put together a list of kid-friendly art projects that are both easy and fun. Kick back and relax while the kids create or jump right in and join them!

Spring Garland

Put a little "hippity-hop" in your step by getting your home ready for spring! Make your own festive garland to welcome in spring! Even if you don'...

Celebrate Your Luck

St. Patrick's Day is all about the color green. It's a great color and all, but we're artists (yes, even you reading this!) and we want ALL the colors! Change it up this year and celebrate with all the colors of the rainbow. Did you know you can create an entire rainbow using just three colors? Try out these fun and simple doodles using Tombow Brush Pens to put color theory into action!

Pot O' Gold

Store your favorite art tools or desk essentials in what we're calling our Pot O' Gold! Whether it's your paint brushes, pens, or sweet treats, your treasures deserve a fancy jar to call home.

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