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Watercolor Subscription Box

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Whether you’re a total beginner or you’ve mastered the arts, the supplies and tutorials in this monthly art box are designed to encourage, support, and enhance your experience with watercolor. The monthly box provides the supplies you'll need to start creating, and every project is also supported by a free video tutorial released weekly. 

What's inside my box?

Designed by artist Sarah Cray, each box includes four (4) watercolor projects and a special postcard to share your art and support someone in need. Learn more about our Let’s Make Art Matter project.

Each project (four included in your box!) includes:

  • plenty of paint - enough to complete each project at least twice
  • two sheets of watercolor paper (eight sheets total)
  • step-by-step instructions
  • 5x7 reference card
  • project outline/graphite paper (if applicable)

Brushes and palette are not included.

What happens when I subscribe?

Want to follow along every week? Start with the Subscribe and Save option. For only $35 a month, a new watercolor box will magically show up at your door. Cancel anytime, we won’t be mad about it! Read more about how your subscription works here.

If you’re just wanting to try it out, you can purchase a Single Box for $45.

What's the catch?

No catch! Seriously. Cancel your subscription at any time or just skip a few months. You have complete control via your account dashboard, but if you'd like assistance, you can reach our Customer Happiness Team any time at Hello@Letsmakeart.com and they'll be happy to help.

When does my box ship?

All orders that include a monthly or single box begin shipping on the 18th of the month with free shipping!

Any items added to your Art Box order will be held and ship with the box. If you are purchasing towards the beginning of the month, we recommend doing a separate purchase if you’d like those items sooner.

What else do I need?

A watercolor brush and a palette. Whatever you have on hand will work perfectly, but if you're in the market for something new, we suggest...

Princeton Round Round 2 

Princeton Round Round 6

Butcher Tray Palettes

Grab all three and save $5.85!

Watercolor Subscription Box
Watercolor Subscription Box
Watercolor Subscription Box
Watercolor Subscription Box
Watercolor Subscription Box
Watercolor Subscription Box
Watercolor Subscription Box
Watercolor Subscription Box
Watercolor Subscription Box
Watercolor Subscription Box
Watercolor Subscription Box
Watercolor Subscription Box

This Month's Box: June

This June box will include a bonus item -- you'll get a small container of bleed proof white watercolor paint with all your other supplies.
Brushes and paint palette not included.

When you order today, this is the first box you will receive.

Forest Bear

Tutorial Release: 6/3/2020


Tutorial Release: 6/10/2020

Night Camping

Tutorial Release: 6/17/2020

Beach Shore

Tutorial Release: 6/24/2020

How It Works

What's inside my box?

Every Watercolor Box includes 4 new watercolor project kits each month. Each project kit contains almost everything you need to get started. Plenty of Paint, Watercolor Paper (2 sheets per project, 8 total), Step-by-Step Instructions, 5x7 Reference Cards, Project Outlines (if applicable), a Let’s Make Art Matter Postcard, and Graphite Paper.

Brushes and butcher tray palette not included, so check out our suggested supplies below!

Not quite ready to dive in? Check out our Beginner Series!

Sarah Cray walks you through some watercolor basics to get you more familiar with some of the techniques that are taught in our weekly project tutorials!

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