Kid-Friendly Activities for the Mom or Dad that Needs a Break

The past few weeks have been nothing short of out of the ordinary. Take a brief moment as you read this to slow down and simply be in the present moment.

Inhale. Exhale.

Being stuck at home brings its own challenges. It's easy to feel isolated, overwhelmed, and maybe a bit stir-crazy over time. With the kids being home during the school year, you might feel like you're at your wits end trying to keep everything running smoothly. Everyone's getting restless, tired, and bored. If this sounds like your home right now, we've got just the thing for you: free art projects that are great for kids!

Mom, Dad, you deserve a break.

We did the hard work for you and put together a list of projects that your kiddos are sure to love. With a little something for everyone, you can scroll through the themes below to find free tutorials for these kid-friendly art projects, along with free printable outlines for most projects on our website. Feel free to jump in and paint along with them! Art is proven to have stress-relieving benefits, after all. Just look at those smiles!
Featuring dinosaurs, butterflies, jellyfish, and more, this first collection is for the ones that love animals or insects!


Rainbow Elephant Watercolor Tutorial
Ladybug Watercolor Tutorial
Butterfly Watercolor Tutorial
Bee Watercolor Tutorial
Dragonfly Watercolor Tutorial
Stegosaurus Watercolor Tutorial
Triceratops Watercolor Tutorial
Tyrannosaurus Rex Watercolor Tutorial
Brontosaurus Watercolor Tutorial
Jellyfish Watercolor Tutorial
Rainbow Elephant Watercolor Tutorial
Halloween Cat Watercolor Tutorial
Ladybug Watercolor Tutorial
With a variety of landscapes, fruits, plants, and more, this collection is sure to have something for everyone. Check out those night skies!


Nebula Watercolor Tutorial
Geometric Landscape Watercolor Tutorial
Treetop Watercolor Tutorial
Seashells Watercolor Tutorial
Monstera Leaf Watercolor Tutorial
Apples to Apples Watercolor Tutorial
Galaxy Sky Watercolor Tutorial
Watermelon Watercolor Tutorial
Snowflakes Watercolor Tutorial
If you have a little one that loves to write, decorate, cut, and paste, this collection is full of fun activities!

Crafts and Lettering

Brave Collage Art Journaling Tutorial
The World Needs What You Got Art Journaling Tutorial
ABC's Your Way Lettering Tutorial
All About Me Art Journaling Tutorial
Abstract Cards Lettering Tutorial
Valentine Hearts Lettering Tutorial

Looking for free outlines? Click here!

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