Guest Artist Program At Let's Make Art

Guest Artist Program At Let's Make Art

We have an announcement here at Let’s Make Art! As you all know, we have three amazing artists who create monthly art boxes and weekly tutorials (plus lots of other amazing projects), and we’re excited to share that we are beginning a Let’s Make Art Guest Artist Series. As part of this program, we’ll be inviting artists to share their talents with us--and you!-- through curated limited series art boxes and accompanying tutorials. These guests may create a box or two (or three) and share all you need to know about the medium they are teaching. 

So without further ado, please welcome our first guest artist, Aaron Scarbrough! 



Aaron has created three fantastic acrylic painting boxes with accompanying tutorials. His dry wit, and calm and thorough teaching style help make his painting tutorials informative and entertaining. (Bonus! He’s a standup comedian on the side, so his tutorials are filled with his deadpans along with expert acrylic painting advice.) Aaron is a local artist, hailing from Kansas City, and we’re absolutely thrilled he can join us! 

Watch him unbox all three of his Acrylic Art Boxes below and be sure to shop all three HERE



Together, we’ve created three themed boxes, each filled with two painting projects, and enough acrylic paint to paint each one many, many times! You can choose from landscape, still-life and animal projects, all of which will cover the basic concepts of acrylic painting. Boxes will be available for purchase beginning October 5. (Note: Aaron will not be creating weekly tutorials for us, but all six of his tutorials will be available on our YouTube channel later in the month of October.) 

Please give Aaron a big LlaMA welcome!



  • when will the acrylic tutorials come out?

    gerri newfry
  • Today is October 5, and I am looking to buy the guest artist kits. However I am unable to locate them on the site. Help please

    Barb Koch
  • Whohoo! Here it is October 5th. I had a reminder on my calendar to check the site 1st thing this morning. Alas, nothing posted yet for Aaron’s kits….but I’ll keep checking back! :)

  • I’m so excited about the acrylic boxes! Thank you guys for making me an artist at 34! ItMs never too late!

  • Welcome! So excited to see what your boxes are like! I have loved the watercolor subscription boxes. I have been looking for the same in acrylic but don’t want to leave Sarah. BOOM, then there was you! Lol


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