005 - Valentine Heart Gouache Paint Tutorial

Let’s celebrate this LOVE-ly (see what I did there) holiday by doing some gouache florals! This week we are switching it up and using ONLY gouache in our painting. I love gouache because of the textures and the layering we are able to do with this opaque medium. It is also a little bit easier to use if you plan on scanning your artwork and want to edit them to make prints. We are going to take it slow and relaxed, I really want YOU to decide where you want your florals to go in your outlined heart. The wonderful thing about this project is it is going to look great, whatever you choose to do! And if you are man looking at this project like it might not be for you, trust me, if you paint this and gift it to the woman
in your life (your wife, your mom, or pizza delivery girl) they will just DIE! So let’s get ready to spread some love this Valentines Day.


Look what you did, just look at it!
While you're looking, I wanna look too!

I would LOVE to see your work!

Use hashtags #letsmakeart #letsmakeartproject #valentineheart so we can feature your artwork and I can answer any questions you have!

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