Let's Make Art Matter for Vicky-August 2019

Let's Make Art Matter for Vicky-August 2019
Vicky has Stage-3 Non Hodgskin's Lymphoma Cancer. If that was not bad enough, she was also mugged resulting in a knee injury.
What makes Vicky so special despite these hardships she has faced is that she is always putting others before herself. Amidst the stress and pain, the thing that devastates her to tears is worrying about who will take care of her husband. Vicky is a true example of what it looks like to be strong and love someone wholeheartedly. Join us in sending that love back to her!

Click here to see Vicky's Tutorial

If you would like to help Make Art Matter for Vicky, you will find a postcard in your Summer Lettering Box to create for her. 
 If you are not subscribed to the Let's Make Art Quarterly Lettering Subscription Box, but would still like to send Vicky some love, please email hello@letsmakeart.com for the address.

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