Let's Make Art Matter for Haylee- January 2020 Lettering

Let's Make Art Matter for Haylee- January 2020 Lettering

Haylee is the type of person who gives her whole heart to everyone and always puts others first without question. When her grandmother developed dementia, she moved in and began taking care of her while continuing working on her college education. A few months after her grandmothers diagnosis, her grandfather was struck by a drunk driver during his commute and was immediately killed. Haylee then became the sole caretaker of her grandmother (at just 26 years old) who passed away exactly a year from her late husband.

Haylee decided to chase her own dream and moved from Alabama to North Carolina to be with her boyfriend of 9 years, who shortly became her fiance and finally in 2017 became her husband. After a year of being married, Haylee and Reubin received the news that they were going to become a family, something they had always dreamt of. Sadly, Reubin passed away unexpectedly for reasons still unknown to everyone around him before his sweet baby girl was born.

Haylee was devastated, but still managed to reach out to friends to check on them, knowing how much they cared for Reubin. Today we would like to make art matter for Haylee because she has spent a large majority of her life making life matter to those around her.

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Thank you for making art matter with us!

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