Let's Make Art Matter for Genevieve- November 2020 Art Journal

Let's Make Art Matter for Genevieve- November 2020 Art Journal
This month we are sending encouragement to Genevieve. Genevieve is an elementary art teacher and is always putting others before herself. Her deep love for art inspires her to share the message of happy accidents with her students every day, and she even encourages a pinky promise from her students to not throw art fits and embrace their mistakes.
One year she had a student in her classroom who was in foster care because her parents were in incarcerated. It was the girl's birthday and the older sister also went to the school. Genevieve stayed after school and helped her bake her sister a birthday cake because she knew she wouldn't get to celebrate at her foster house.

Even with as much support Genevieve has given to her students, her family has faced tragedy after tragedy—the passing of her grandmother, the family contracting COVID-19, and her husband being in the ICU. Genevieve has stayed strong for her family, and most especially her children. Debby, her oldest daughter, has autism and loves to receive mail, so join us in brightening both Debby's day and Genevieve's life by sending postcards to this loving family to show them the support this amazing community has to offer.
If you would like to send Genevieve and her family a card, a stamped postcard is included your November Art Journal Subscription Box.
If you are not subscribed, but would still like to send some love, please email hello@letsmakeart.com for the address.

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  • I am new to the subscription boxes. Do you send a notification when this tutorial is available?


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