Your 2020 Fall Color Inspiration Guide

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Nothing says fall like a perfect palette of cozy colors! To kick off the 2020 fall season, we're bringing you three autumnal color palettes to spice up your art this season. Use the Dandelion Paint Co. colors listed below each swatch to mix the same shade. Transform any art project into an Autumn dream when you replace the colors with those seen in this palette! 

This Autumn Classics palette was created with all those fun fall adventures in mind! From pumpkin patches to hayrides to the local fall festival, these bright shades have a hint of deep tones to give off that nostalgic, seasonal vibe. These colors celebrate the end of a warm summer and welcome in the cooler months!

Incorporating the Autumn Classics color scheme to this Night Camping tutorial offers a change of season!

painting created by Taylor Lydic

The Autumn Sunshine palette is inspired by those bright and sunny fall days mixed with the first hint of a chill in the air. The sun is setting and is warm on your skin, but the crisp fall breeze keeps you at the perfect temperature. Maybe you're laying in a hammock curled up with your favorite book, watching the occasional leaf fall to the ground in shades of deep yellow and orange. Using a variety of warm tones adds that same comforting, cozy feel to any project! The tone is created by using colors near each other on the color wheel, and the vibrancy is toned down with just a hint of grey or black to give it that deeper, richer, autumnal look. If the shades weren't toned down and were left vibrant, it would be easy for this to look like a summer palette! 

Check out this version of the watercolor Hide and Seek project using our Autumn Sunshine color palette. It gives it a whole different feel! 

painting created by Taylor Lydic

* If you don't have Payne's Grey, use Black as an alternative for similar results

Your home is filled with the aroma of the lit candle on your table, the only sound is the tapping of raindrops hitting your windows, the vibrant fall colors are now moody against the gray clouds, and you have the day to yourself to read a book, bake some bread, or watch your favorite movie. This Rainy Fall Day palette is inspired by those cozy, lazy fall days that make your soul feel a little more full. By adding a neutral color like a hint of black or grey, you can tone down colors to make them more earth-toned and subdued!

Using the Rainy Fall Day palette gives this Blue Buildings project a moody look!

painting created by Amy McGuire

Missing some colors? Browse all of our Dandelion Paint Co. watercolors here!

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  • Lisa McCortOct 15, 2020

    I love these colors. Fall is my favorite time of year. I foresee some great holiday cards to be made with these colors.

  • Cindy LouOct 15, 2020

    I looooove this idea!!!
    More please!!!!! I’ve made my reference cards & several leaf projects πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ‘πŸ»

  • Cindy louOct 15, 2020

    I looooove this idea!!!
    Are there other palettes i’ve missed?
    Will there be more coming?
    How/where do I find your blog?
    Thank you πŸ˜ƒ

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