Beginner Animal Watercolor Paintings

You know the moment where you are scrolling Pinterest and see the most adorable painting of an animal? One that you would love to have a copy of to hang on your own wall? You can see it in your mind’s eye framed and hung perfectly. Or maybe as a gift for your grandma who has everything. What says love more than a hand-made, heart-made gift?
Artist Sarah Cray has come to the rescue in her watercolor tutorials with Let’s Make Art. Each watercolor kit teaches different techniques that help you to build upon your skills to create your own. Whatever you do, as you play with these fun animals, don’t judge until you are finished. Animals are notorious for looking wrong until the very end!
Layer shades of blue with surprise pops of color for fun and visual interest with a sweet pachyderm perfect for any nursery or gift card. After perfecting your elephant, play around with color using a fun wet on wet technique which allows your watercolors to come to life.  
Float along with the current and play in the waves for a little while today.  Enjoy a peaceful moment and while you are at it continue to enjoy playing with wet on wet techniques with this sweet sea turtle. Sit back and channel a bit of that relaxing vibe as you practice values and color theory.
If you want to conquer values and learn to create shadows, try out the Rainbow Unicorn tutorial.  The trick to creating a white animal is using the shadows to make your white shine. After you’ve painted your unicorn, have fun with color making a magical rainbow mane!
Just like the peacock uses his tail feathers to seem larger than he really is, take a moment today to learn techniques of perspective and wet on dry while practicing layering to create desired effects. Even though the peacock has a large number of feathers, the effects of perspective allows the paint to trick the eye into thinking you have painted more details than you actually have. If only this trick worked for cleaning houses as well!
How do you paint a brown cow without using any brown? That is the fun of color theory. Sarah takes time to teach how to create different shades of brown using multiple different colors, and in the end, the spunkiest sweetest jersey will be staring right back at you!
Perfect your textures and fine lines with this sweet Easter bunny. Another fun painting that would look great for seasonal decor or even year-round decor, or even the cutest nursery decor! 
After using different blues, blended and layered together to create an overall layered feather effect, learn to create the illusion of white feathers. Continue a lesson in perspective as you fill in the legs and feet. This sweet bluebird will have you singing for joy at the beauty you have created!
You will not BEE-lieve how quickly you will be able to paint this sweet Honey Bee. Using highlights and shadows, you can create an illusion of depth to allow your bee to look like it’s coming off the page! Line-work for the wings and hair finishes a painting that you can't help but “bee” proud of.  
In the end it doesn't matter which painting you start with. Pick one that speaks to you and you will find the mystery of watercolor is not really a mystery at all. When it comes to animals, they always look strange until the very end, but once you get there something magical will be staring back at you.

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