Let's Make Art Matter for Tosha- September 2020 Watercolor

Let's Make Art Matter for Tosha- September 2020 Watercolor
This month we invite you to help make art matter for Tosha.
Tosha has had to endure a lot throughout her life. She had a stroke at the age of 29, multiple brain surgeries, and most recently has overcome COVID19. She is now in a rehabilitation facility to learn how to talk again, as her most recent stroke left her with aphasia—the loss of the ability to understand or express speech, caused by brain damage.
Because of the CDC guidelines on COVID19, she has not had any visitors to see her since February 2020.
Let's come together as a community and send Tosha some love!
If you would like to send Tosha a card, a stamped postcard is included in the September Watercolor Subscription Box.
If you are not subscribed, but would still like to send some love, please email hello@letsmakeart.com for the address.


  • Thank you. I liked your painting and your message.

    carol a Rothenbacher
  • Please send me Tosha’s address. I would love to send her a card. I know it is small but we need to support each other during these difficult times. I am using Jesse’s idea of dropping little cards at unexpected places. Most of the times I don’t see the face of people who received it. I hope it is making a tiny difference on their days. It is certainly making my heart full. I am so grateful to have found y’all! You inspire the rest of us.

    Christianne Leite
  • Do you sell gauche? Going do the card with a variety of leaves. 💘 you guys. Thanks.

  • Hey Keenan…I WAS thinking “I Am what I am!!” It was a theme song for a retreat I attended.

  • I would send snail mail.

    Denise Speidel

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