Let's Make Art Matter for Addison- May 2018

Let's Make Art Matter for Addison- May 2018

Meet Addison, 

She is a sweet girl with a big smile. She turned 10 in December, and the family went on a Disney cruise to celebrate her and her twin brothers birthday. She got sick with a fever during the cruise and they couldn’t figure out why.
About 2 weeks after they got home, she was taken to the ER for a high fever and labored breathing. That was January 7th, and she was diagnosed with Leukemia. 
She loves the same things little girls love, arts and crafts unicorns and mermaids. snapchat filters, swimming, and legos.  She has a new puppy named Fen and a twin brother named Aidan.
I can't even fathom the bravery Addison has to muster on a daily basis, but I'm grateful for her example of courage and optimism.  I wish we could all give her a big hug. 
This month, as we practice our painting, we'll spend one week painting a postcard for Addison.  It can be whatever you'd like, I'll be demonstrating a mini version of the giraffe. 
Then drop it in the mail and let's fill her mailbox with goodness. We have self addressed stamped postcards in the monthly subscription box, but if you'd like to do a postcard on your own, just message me and I'll send you her address. 
Addison, I hope these paintings make you smile!
Addison Twins Fen

Other ways to support Addison


  • How about a paint along of Fen??

  • Thinking of you and praying for you and your family!

    Rev Shanarha
  • Can I still get that blue cat?

    Patricia Cockrell
  • How do we get join your art group or see more art projects


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