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Raindrops Watercolor Kit

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The rain may fall from time to time, but that doesn't mean we can't look for the rainbows! Learn how to paint detailed raindrops and add in a rainbow gradient with the Raindrops watercolor kit!

    What You'll Learn

    Ready to make some raindrops? This is one of those projects that seems way more complicated than it is. All we have to do is focus on values. If you have a highlight and a shadow on that drop, it’s going to read as 3-dimensional!

    What's In The Kit

    • Watercolor paper (x2)
    • Reference card 
    • Printed instructions
    • 2 ml bottle Dandelion Paint Co. Lemon Yellow
    • 2 ml bottle Dandelion Paint Co. Fuchsia
    • 2 ml bottle Dandelion Paint Co. Payne's Grey
    • 2 ml bottle Dandelion Paint Co. Tahoe Blue

    Brushes and paint palette not included

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    Raindrops Watercolor Kit



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