Black 14A - Watercolor Paint - 1/2 oz. Bottle

Dr. Ph. Martin


This black (0.5oz, 15ml) watercolor paint is the perfect color for darkening other colors that you may be painting with or it can be used on its own. It allows you a full range of value and is great for adding texture and contrast. We've used this color in a few of our tutorials (check them out!) including our friendly humpback whale and our starry galaxy. This black is neutral, versatile, and can be great for shading or outlining.

This product can be used with a technical pen, a regular paint brush, or an airbrush.

We use it all the time with watercolor brushes and watercolor paper - but don't be afraid to try it on other mediums such as canvas, film or fabric! We'd love to see your results!

About Dr. Ph. Martins Watercolor Paints

Dr. Ph. Martin's watercolor is the best watercolor on the market! Dr. Ph. Martin's products are world renowned for their vivid colors, special properties, and ability to work across mediums. Often imitated, but never replicated, Dr. Ph. Martin's products let you immerse yourself in a world of color like no other.

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