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Dreamy Clouds Gouache Kit

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This kit will be available September 1st.

We took the guesswork out of painting and created this easy and fun kit. Follow along with the totally free video tutorial courtesy of our watercolor artist Sarah Cray.

Have you ever wanted to be inspired by painting with us, but weren't willing to make the plunge to get all the supplies? We understand the dilemma. That is why we created the paint kit! So take a deep breath, add the kit to your cart, and give it a try! You won't regret it! Brushes and paint tray sold separately.

You may notice this kit is more expensive than others; that's because we included a larger amount of paint! More paint means more practice & projects. Enjoy!

What you'll learn

Oh clouds, dreamy dreamy clouds, how we love thee! Artist Sarah Cray is ready to pass on the secret to painting clouds. Her biggest tip? Don't care about them! Learn more in the free tutorial. Also featured in this project: learn how to create a gradient with gouache!

What's in the kit
  • Watercolor paper (x2)
  • Graphite paper
  • Printed outline
  • Reference card
  • Printed instructions
  • Enough Dandelion Paint Co. paint to complete the project at least twice.

 Brushes and palette not included.

Dreamy Clouds Gouache Kit
Dreamy Clouds Gouache Kit
Dreamy Clouds Gouache Kit
Dreamy Clouds Gouache Kit