Are you new to watercolors or just getting back into it?
Let us help, we love this stuff. Here's what you need
Grab a brush
A round 2 and 6 will get you through most projects. The 2 is small enough to do some line work, and the 6 is just a work horse. Start here.
Grab Watercolor Paper
Watercolor is cool because you aren't just painting on canvas that costs serious cash. You can doodle, and play, and experiment on the cheap. Grab some #140 paper, we sell a big pack right here
Grab some Paints
There are tons of watercolor options out there. You can start anywhere with whatever you've got, but nothing beats having paints that are bright and beautiful, painting is more fun when you love what you make. Great colors help.

Optional (but recommended) Additions

Grab a Butcher Pan
So this is sort of optional. Use a dinner plate or a casserole dish or something and you'll be fine. But one of the cool things about watercolors is that you don't have to do major clean up. If you have a dedicated tray, just put it away when you're done and reconstitute with water when you want to paint again.
Grab a Black & White Paint
If you've gone this far, add on a black and a white and let's never speak of this again.
Or make it easy on yourself and just click here to
Grab everything
Now you've got your supplies, let's do your first project
Pull out your paper, brushes, and paints and follow along with the galaxy sky. It's not too crazy, and really lets you play with several techniques you'll see over and over again in watercolor. This project calls for a moss rose color, the cherry you just bought is a fine substitution for it, so don't stress.

The paint alongs are all built to let you press play and just follow along. Don't forget to share your project with us when you're done!
Once you've settled in there, like our youtube & facebook then join us Tuesday nights at 7:15p CST for our paint alongs as they happen live. It's a good time. Also, feel free to go through any previous paint alongs and try your hand at other projects that catch your eye. Have fun and go make some art.