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003 - How to Paint a Galaxy Sky with Watercolor Paints
I have been feeling a little bit whimsy lately, and what better way to make something magical than a colorful night sky?! For this project we are combining the colors and techniques of the last two projects. Letting the color and the water do most of the work for us (like in the whale project) and then doing some detail work (like in the floral project ) We also get to play with a new element: SALT! This is also a good lesson on timing; when to paint something and when to wait. For example, you want your painting to be wet when you add salt, but when we add the white stars and the trees, we want your painting to be dry. This project has so many accidental elements that you could do this project a dozen times and each time it will look so different! 

- You can take out the Moss Rose and Hyacinth Blue for just a blue night sky and use Round 4 instead of Round 10 if you don't want to buy another brush

- You may consider trying the Arches Paper, as it's a bit thicker and will handle the water a bit better than the standard Canson paper we normally use.

This project is available as a kit!

*Brushes and Pan sold separately


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