Flowering Cactus Tutorial
You know those moms who plan educational activities for their toddlers and are able to actually get their kids to do that activity? Yea, that’s not my house. So after a day of my two-year old drawing on the floor with my black eyeliner and then using my nice white sweater to clean it up – I needed to paint
something that that was hard and soft; enter the flowering cactus! I really enjoyed mixing blue, greens, yellows, blacks, and browns for the cactus and then that fuchsia flower at the top gives it a nice POP. Remember not to overwork the paint when laying colors down (or else it will get a bit murky) just put the water and pigment down and let it do its thing! Going back and forth with a brush will diminish the bits of color and interesting textures that come along with watercolor. And remember that beautiful things can come out of rough places.


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