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002 - Blue Humpback Whale Watercolor Painting Tutorial
Are you ready to challenge yourself today?! I am combining a few of my favorite things for this project: Blue (navy is my dream color always), sea creatures, and watercolor texture. I chose a whale because 
1. They are amazing and 2. There is a lot of surface area where we can play with watercolor textures. Don’t be intimidated by the fact that we are doing an animal! If you are not comfortable with your drawing skills, please feel free to use the outline provided with the project and the graphite paper to help you with the outline of the whale. Really take this opportunity to play by adding drops of water onto the body of the whale, remember that for it to work really well the painting needs to be nice and wet. Trust me, you are going to love the textures that will naturally spread out in front of you. Don’t forget to share your work, but I have a feeling with this project you are going to be so impressed with yourself that it’s going to be your new facebook cover photo. 

This project is available as a kit!

*Brushes and Pan sold separately


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