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We are a team for you: to create, to paint, and to find a piece of yourself.

And we understand that not everybody has the time and space to create.

At Let’s Make Art we will make it easy for you. We will inspire you. We will paint with you and laugh with you as we try new things. Sometimes you might surprise yourself, or it may not turn out how you want, or sometimes it might straight up look bad (it’s going to happen - just embrace it). But, we will be doing it together week by week.

The whole point of this is being able to create. To take the time out for you and paint something. We get boggged down by everything, everyday responsibilities and we are bombarded with the same message: if you can’t do it
perfectly then don’t do it at all. But here at LMA we don’t subscribe to that. We DON’T want you to do it perfectly, we just want you to do it. And once you let that expectation go of needing it to turn out exactly like the reference, or exactly like someone else’s, then you can focus on what really matters: community, self care, learning, and having fun! Give yourself permission to make mistakes. Give yourself permission to take an hour out for you. Give yourself permission to play. Come join us.


Sarah Cray + The LMA Team