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Dandelion Paint Co. 15ml Watercolors

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Dandelion Paints are our very own liquid watercolors that we've designed and perfected just for you! These dye-based paints make any painting vibrant, lively, and easy to create. You can't buy these paints anywhere else, so allow us to change your art world with this one-of-a-kind watercolor brand!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will this paint fade?

A: These colors are not lightfast, which means they will fade over time in direct sunlight. Don't let that deter you, though - there are many ways to protect your beautiful creations that will make them last for years to come!

Q: What is the best way to store these paints?

A: It is best to store them in room temperature out of direct sunlight.

Q: What are the Dr. Ph Martin equivalents?

A: We have created this handy chart for you to reference! These are our recommended equivalents that produce similar colors to our Dandelion Paints.

Q: What is the consistency of these paints?

A: These are liquid watercolor paints. They can be used directly from the bottle, or mixed with water to create a translucent or lighter color.


Dandelion Paint Co. 15ml Watercolors
DPC Yellow Ochre - $5.99
  • DPC Rose Red - Sold out
  • DPC Red - Sold out
  • DPC Burnt Orange - Sold out
  • DPC Tangerine - Sold out
  • DPC Tiger Orange - Sold out
  • DPC Deep Yellow - Sold out
  • DPC Yellow Ochre - $5.99
  • DPC Honey Brown - Sold out
  • DPC Dandelion Yellow - Sold out
  • DPC Lemon Yellow - Sold out
  • DPC Leaf Green - Sold out
  • DPC Emerald Green - Sold out
  • DPC Pine Green - Sold out
  • DPC Sea Blue - Sold out
  • DPC Azure Blue - Sold out
  • DPC Tahoe Blue - Sold out
  • DPC Space Blue - Sold out
  • DPC Deep Blue - Sold out
  • DPC Berry Blue - Sold out
  • DPC Amethyst - Sold out
  • DPC Violet - Sold out
  • DPC Magenta - Sold out
  • DPC Fuchsia - Sold out
  • DPC Pink - $5.99
  • DPC Orchid - Sold out
  • DPC Sepia - Sold out
  • DPC Payne's Gray - Sold out
  • DPC Black - Sold out



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