TwinTone Dual-Tip Markers Pastels Set (12 pack)

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The best thing about TwinTone markers are they can create thick or thin lines with a broad bullet tip on one end and an extra-fine tip on the other end. The larger .8mm broad bullet tip will make bold lines while the .3mm extra-fine tip creates your detailed more precise lines. These water- based pens are wonderful for journaling and lettering.

  • Dual-tip marker (.8mm and .3mm)
  • Water-based ink, does not bleed
  • Set Includes: Mint Green, Aqua, Sky Blue, Sax Blue, Pale Purple, Raspberry, Princess Pink, Peach Pink, Coral Pink, Honey Orange, Chrome Yellow and Gray.
TwinTone Dual-Tip Markers Pastels Set (12 pack)