Dual Brush Pens - Grayscale (10 Pack)

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These shades of gray pens feature two ends to give you a variety of writing styles! One end is a durable yet flexible nylon brush pen, and the other is a fine tip perfect for creating consistent lines. A colorless blender is also included, allowing you to achieve the look of watercolor when blending colors. The tips are self-cleaning, so the colors stay true throughout all your projects!

Colors Included:

  • N15 Black
  • N25 Lamp Black
  • N55 Cool Gray 7
  • N45 Cool Gray 10
  • N60 Cool Gray 6
  • N75 Cool Gray 3
  • N65 Cool Gray 5
  • N95 Cool Gray 1
  • N89 Warm Gray 1
  • N00 Colorless Blender
Dual Brush Pens - Grayscale (10 Pack)