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Dr. Ph. Martin (½ oz) Bottles

Let's Make Art


DPM Persimmon 3A
DPM Scarlet 5A
DPM Crimson 18B
DPM Tangerine 17B
DPM Amber Yellow 16B
DPM Burnt Orange 31C
DPM Pumpkin 30C
DPM Sunset Red 45D
DPM Sunset Orange 44D
DPM Orange 2A
DPM Golden Brown 26B
DPM Tobacco Brown 36C
DPM Tiger Yellow 55D
DPM Indian Yellow 54D
DPM Tropic Gold 38C
DPM Tapestry 29C
DPM Daffodil Yellow 15B
DPM Lemon Yellow 1A
DPM Sunshine Yellow 43D
DPM Ice Yellow 40C
DPM Ice Green 50D
DPM Chartruese 34C
DPM April Green 23B
DPM Grass Green 11A
DPM Moss Green 24B
DPM Olive Green 25B
DPM Calypso Green 41C
DPM Jungle Green 35C
DPM Juniper Green 12A
DPM Norway Blue 33C
DPM Ice Blue 51D
DPM Turquoise Blue 8A
DPM Slate Blue 22B
DPM True Blue 9A
DPM Ultra Blue 21B
DPM Peacock Blue 52D
DPM Iris Blue 53D
DPM Hyacinth Blue 32C
DPM Violet 10A
DPM Mahogany 27B
DPM Cyclamen 20B
DPM Cherry Red 6A
DPM Wild Rose 19B
DPM Alpine Rose 4A
DPM Moss Rose 7A
DPM Fuschia 48D
DPM Ice Pink 37C
DPM Raspberry 49D
DPM Tropic Pink 39C
DPM Sunrise Pink 46D
DPM Tahiti Red 47D
DPM Saddle Brown 13A
DPM Coffee Brown 56D
DPM Sepia 28B
DPM Antelope Brown 42C
DPM Black 14A

About This Paint

Dr. Ph. Martin's watercolor is the best watercolor on the market! Dr. Ph. Martin's products are world renowned for their vivid colors, special properties, and ability to work across mediums. We use it all the time with watercolor brushes and watercolor paper - but don't be afraid to try it on other mediums such as canvas, film or fabric! Let us know the results!

These are sold as single ½ oz bottles. Please go here if you are looking for the full sets!

Type: Paint

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