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Floral Truck Paint Party Pack

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It's time to get your paint party started! Perfect for a family get-together, birthday party, or a girl's or boy's night in, this party pack has enough supplies (brushes included) for a group of 10 to paint the Floral Truck together. We took care of the hard part for you - all you need is to get your party on!

 This party pack includes the following supplies:

  • Round 6 Brush (x10)
  • Round 3 Brush (x10)
  • Canson XL Watercolor Pad (x1)
  • Graphite Paper (x10)
  • Circle Paint Trays (x10)
  • Reference Photos (x10)
  • Step-by-Step Instructions (x10)
  • Outlines (x10),

As well as the following Dandelion Paint colors:

  • Black (15ml bottle)
  • Rose Red (15ml bottle)
  • Dandelion Yellow (15ml bottle)
  • Violet (15ml bottle)
  • Azure Blue (15ml bottle)
Floral Truck Paint Party Pack

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