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Bluebird Watercolor Paint Kit

Let's Make Art


The very first time I watercolored a bird was for a radio talk show host who lost his newborn baby girl (Phoebe) unexpectedly. It was around the same time that I had my second baby and I remember feeling the deep pains of heartbreak for this man and his family. I ended up painting him a phoebe bird and mailing it in to him as a gift. The response was pure gratitude.  Ever since then I have had a soft spot for birds of any kind and they always make me take a moment and remember Phoebe, and all those babies who we lose too soon. It also reminds me that art can help soothe broken hearts.  For this painting we play with layering and how to add those finishing details that give us a real complete look that really elevates our painting. We will also go over feather textures and how to add dimension to animals.

Brushes and paint tray sold separately.

About the project

Have you ever wanted to be inspired by painting with us, but weren't willing to make the plunge to get all the supplies? We understand the dilemma. That is why we created the paint kit! So take a deep breath, add the kit to your cart, and give it a try! You won't regret it! 

Kit includes:

  • Step-by-Step Guide
  • Watercolor Paper (x2)
  • Outline & Graphite Paper
  • Reference Photo
  • Free Video Tutorial
  • Paint

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