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All the Purple Flowers Watercolor Paint Kit

Let's Make Art


We are ringing in 2018, and what better way than to celebrate the Pantone 2018 color of the year, Ultra Violet?! I have big hopes and dreams for 2018, but so far, I have been taking care of sick kids and nursing myself back to health after a bad case of the flue attacked my household. However, the dreamy purples used in this painting let me forget all about my troubles, even if its just for a little bit. You will start to notice with color that there are usually two colors that need to be described in order to accurately explain a color, for example, either it’s a pink purple, or a blue purple, or a yellow pink and with this painting we fully explore PURPLE! We will mix a couple colors to get the spectrum of blue purple to pink purple. Remember with these florals to not second guess yourself too much, lay a few brushstrokes down and move on. If we nit-pick with the floral details too much, we will lose the lovely accidental textures that come along with watercolor. So whether the start of your New Year has been a dream (keep up with those resolutions!) or if the start of your New Year has been less then desirable, we can take a deep breath and paint this dreamy “bouquet” of purple, together!

Brushes and paint tray sold separately.

About the project

Have you ever wanted to be inspired by painting with us, but weren't willing to make the plunge to get all the supplies? We understand the dilemma. That is why we created the paint kit! So take a deep breath, add the kit to your cart, and give it a try! You won't regret it! 

Kit includes:

  • Step-by-Step Guide
  • Watercolor Paper (x2)
  • Reference Photo
  • Free Video Tutorial
  • Paint

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