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Your Art World Kids Art Box

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This is the July Box! Normally this is subscription only, but we ordered a few extra and thought we would offer them to anyone that missed the July box or just wanted to try a subscription box without subscribing!

Buying this box will NOT sign you up for the monthly subscription box. This is just a one time July box. If you enjoy it, please consider subscribing to get a new box with 4 projects each month for only $35 a month. That is a $60 value! Thanks for making art!

What's inside the box?
  • All Hands In Kit
  • Color Your Name Kit
  • Daytime View / Nighttime View Kit
  • Pattern Notecards Kit
  • Your Art World Zine & Sticker Book

As well as additional supplies and tools to complete these projects.

Supplies Included
  • x1 Deep Yellow Watercolor Paint
  • x1  Magenta Watercolor Paint
  • x1 Tahoe Blue Watercolor Paint
  • x1 10-well Circle Paint Palette
  • x1 Create Your Own World Pencil
  • x1 Round Paint Brush
  • x1 Custom Designed Sticker Sheet
  • x1 Large White Crayon
  • x1 Crayon Box (8 colors)
  • x1 Watercolor Washi Tape
  • x4 Envelopes
    • Lemon Yellow
    • Creme
    • Light Blue
  • x6 Watercolor Sheets (9x12)
  • x6 Watercolor Sheets (6x9)
  • x12 Watercolor Sheets (4.5x6)
  • x1 LMA Matter Postcard
Your Art World Kids Art Box