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Extra January 2020 Watercolor Box

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This is the January 2020 Box! Normally this is subscription only, but we ordered a few extra and thought we would offer them to anyone that missed the January box or just wanted to try a subscription box without subscribing! We only have a few, so get them while you can!

You get... 

Paint for each project is also included. Brushes and palette are not included, so if you don’t already have some on hand, we recommend the Princeton round 2 and round 6.

Buying this box will NOT sign you up for the monthly subscription box. This is just a one time January box. If you enjoy it, please consider subscribing to get a new box with 4 projects each month for only $35 a month. That is a $60 value! Thanks for making art!

Extra January 2020 Watercolor Box

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