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The Kids' Book of Hand Lettering (Signed)

Nicole Miyuki Santo


This listing is for a SIGNED copy of Nicole Miyuki's book The Kids’ Book of Hand Lettering.

NOTE: If you'd like your book personalized with a name and message, Nicole comes in town once a month and can personalize then. Email us at hello@letsmakeart.com to put your book on hold and and we'll check when Nicole will be back in Missouri next month!

The Kids' Book of Hand Lettering will introduce young crafters to the joys of hand lettering through 20 fun and inspired DIY projects that are easy to create at home.

Nicole Miyuki Santo will walk children through the basics of hand lettering, including different lettering styles and tools (markers, brush pens, and paint pens) before they begin their projects, which include room art, bookmarks, picture frames, tote bags, party balloons and more. With full-color instructional and inspired photos and pep talks throughout to help spark creative juices, The Kids' Book of Hand Lettering is sure to become a modern-day hand-lettering staple for crafty kids (and their parents too).

Type: Book

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