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Rabbit Watercolor Paint Kit

I promise you can paint this #TrySomethingNew #yougotthis


I know that Easter is on April 1, so what better way to get in the spirit of Easter than painting this watercolor rabbit! The nice thing about this project I feel is you can have a bunny art print in your home all year round (I for sure am putting this one in my daughters room). This little guy is cute and not as difficult as he may seem. We will be practicing fur textures as well as doing fine detail work at the end, so get those liners out! Tune in Tuesday night to paint this little critter who has tons of personality!

Brushes and paint tray sold separately.

About the Project

Have you ever wanted to be inspired by painting with us, but weren't willing to make the plunge to get all the supplies? We understand the dilemma. That is why we created the paint kit! So take a deep breath, add the kit to your cart, and give it a try! You won't regret it! 

Kit includes:

  • Step-by-Step Guide
  • Watercolor Paper (x2)
  • Outline & Graphite Paper
  • Reference Photo
  • Free Video Tutorial
  • Paint

learn with let's make art

supplies used to make this project

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