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Art Journaling Box

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Whether you’re a total beginner or you’ve mastered the arts, the supplies and tutorials in this monthly art box are designed to encourage, support, and enhance your experience with Art Journaling. The monthly box provides the supplies you'll need to start creating, and every project is also supported by a free video tutorial released weekly. 

What's inside my box?

Designed by artist Jesse Petersen, each box includes

  • Mixed Media Art Journal
  • 6 Art Recipe Cards
  • See what else is in this month’s box below!
What are the Box Types?

Monthly Subscription

Want to follow along every week? Start here. For only $35 a month, a new watercolor box will magically show up at your door. Cancel anytime, we won’t be mad about it! Read more about how your subscription works here.

One-time Purchase

If you’re just wanting to try it out, you can opt for the $45 One-time Purchase and get a single box for the coming month.

3 Month Gift Subscription

Want to share the love? With this option, you pay for three consecutive months all at once, have it shipped to a friend or loved one and only get billed the one time. It will not auto-renew after the 3rd box. Pretty sweet deal, right?

When does my box ship?

All box types begin shipping on the 18th of the month with free shipping!

Any items added to your Art Box order will be held and ship with the box. If you are purchasing towards the beginning of the month, we recommend doing a separate purchase if you’d like those items sooner.

What else do I need?

Brushes and a few palette knives! Whatever you have on hand will work perfectly, but if you're in the market for something new, we suggest...

Plastic Palette Knife

Select Artiste Round 8

Select Artiste Oval Mop 1/2

Art Journaling Box
Art Journaling Box
Art Journaling Box
Art Journaling Box
Art Journaling Box
Art Journaling Box
Art Journaling Box
Art Journaling Box

August's Theme is: Life Maps

Here are the project tutorials that will release with this month’s art journaling box. Thinking through life events or mapping out new ideas can help you access new ways of learning and knowing.

When you order today, this will be the first box you receive.

Butterfly Collage

Tutorial Releases 8/6/2020

Life Roads

Tutorial Releases 8/13/2020

Left Brain vs Right Brain

Tutorial Releases 8/20/2020


Tutorial Releases: 8/27/2020

How It Works

What's inside my box?

-Mixed Media Art Journal
-6 Art Recipe Cards
-2 Sheets of Collage Paper
-4 Tubes Gouache Paint
-Mini Paint Palette
-Life Maps Outline
-Graphite Paper
-Yes Paste!

Not quite ready to dive into art journaling? Check out our Beginner Series!

Jesse Petersen walks you through Art Journaling basics to get you more familiar with some of the techniques that are taught in our weekly project tutorials.

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