Mixing Colors - Peachy Pink

Mixing Colors - Peachy Pink


 Daffodil Yellow
Moss Rose
Bleed Proof White
Rough Recipe: 1 part Daffodil Yellow; 1 part Moss Rose; 2 parts Bleed Proof White


 So peachy pink is like a soft, slightly more pink, orange. To make Orange you mix yellow and red, but we want something softer than orange, so to make peach, we switch out the red with a more pink color.


When I mix colors I don’t really “measure” how much paint I am grabbing, so I will try and explain my process. Usually I grab color by just using my paint brush to drag some paint over, a “swoop” if you will.


I start out with take two “swoops” of white – separate it from your pile of white in case you need to add more white later on.


Add one swoop of Moss Rose –  mix well

Add one swoop of Daffodil yellow – and mix well



If it's still not as light as you would like it – add white. If its too yellow – add a tinge more Moss Rose, if it too pink – add a tiny bit more Daffodil Yellow! That's it, easy huh?! Just a side note - because we are mixing in Bleed Proof White it is going to make it a bit more opaque. 
P.S. Love you. mean it. 




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