Spring Garland

Put a little "hippity-hop" in your step

by getting your home ready for spring!
Make your own festive garland to welcome in spring! Even if you don't celebrate Easter, this project includes a free printable outline that you can customize to fit any season or holiday. Free holiday decor that looks like it's straight out of a lifestyle magazine? Now that's what we're talkin' about!
  • paper
  • free printable outline
  • scissors
  • hole punch
  • string
  • paint, markers, and pens
  • paint brush
  • ribbon (optional)
Get The Outline
1. Trace any of the shapes from the outline onto your preferred choice of paper. (Use a lightbox as pictured, or graphite paper)
2. Use watercolors to create a color wash on your eggs and banners.
3. Decorate!
4. Cut out the finished shapes and punch holes for hanging your garland
(follow the guides on the outline)
5. String a piece of twine through the holes, coming in through the backside.
6. Hang up and display!
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