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Art Project Inspiration

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watercolor fall trees on lake

Autumn Lake

The promise of rain is just beyond the horizon, creating fog that lingers above the lake. There's a crisp in the air and it makes you think about making a warm cup of hot cocoa or cider when you get back home. Snuggled up in your favorite plaid scarf and laced up boots, you inhale the smells of Autumn and simply rest in the stillness of the changing trees. 

Fall Pumpkin

This pumpkin reminds you of all those feel-good feelings about the Autumn season. The bright colors, gray weather, cozy outfits, lit fireplaces, and flavors of spice are just a few of the things you look forward to most about this time of year. 

watercolor and gouache pumpkin with white details
watercolor fall leaves

Fall Leaves

You just went on a nature walk and picked up these two leaves you found along your path. All the trees were changing colors, but these leaves stood out to you. There's something so magical about all the shades that exist within just one leaf. You think to yourself: When did the world around me get so pretty? When was the last time I slowed down to appreciate it? And so you tuck these two leaves in the safety of your cardigan's pocket in attempts to keep the beauty of fall preserved for just a while longer.

Fall Trees

You knew the Autumn season was approaching, but it seems as though just overnight the entire world around you exploded with color. It's the perfect day to open your windows and get a whiff of the fresh fall air, enjoy a cup of pumpkin-flavored anything, and watch the leaves paint the ground in shades of red and yellow and purple as they fall. 

Tutorial coming soon—stay tuned!

watercolor fall trees
watercolor maple leaves

Maple Leaves

As you lay in your hammock reading your favorite book for a third time, you look up above you and notice how vibrant the maple tree has become, especially as the setting sun shines through its leaves. The sky is a brilliant shade of blue—more blue than you remember it ever being—and you pull your blanket around you a little tighter as the chill in the air grows. Turning a page in your book, you feel for the first time in a while that life is truly good. 

Tutorial coming soon—stay tuned!

Give Thanks

The Halloween season has come to a close, and now it's time to transition your home's theme into a cozy fall vibe that hints at the beginning of Christmas. The weather is much cooler now, so most of your days are spent indoors baking, sitting by the fire, and counting your blessings. 

watercolor wreath that says give thanks
watercolor wreath that says october

Fall Wreath

Channeling the moody vibes of the fall and Halloween season, this deep blue color paired with hints of yellow remind you of the feeling of cold autumn evenings. Bonfires, night games, scary stories, and trick-or-treating are just the beginning of the best time of year.

Corn Husk

The time of harvest is finally here, symbolized by these husks of corn. Long evenings working on the farm remind you of a sense of pride of a job well done, accompanied fnjdv 

watercolor corn husk
watercolor sunflower


This sunflower represents those evenings you wish would never end. You think about yourself walking through sunflower fields at dusk, taking in the beauty of the golden hills all around you. The setting sun is warm on your skin, the smell of the earth is rich, and the comfort of fall wraps you in a hug. 

Leaf Letters

The family is coming over tomorrow for Thanksgiving dinner, and you want to decorate the table with something a little extra special this year. The table is already set with your best dishes and decor, and all that's missing are place cards! Nothing says fall quite like colorful leaves paired with metallic gold. 

watercolor leaf cutouts with names written on them in gold ink



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