Celebrating Autumn with Watercolors

Celebrating Autumn

Wearing cozy sweaters, walking through crunchy leaves, sipping on hot cocoa, and the crisp smell of autumn air - these are the things about fall that we love most of all! There’s nothing better than a night in with the fireplace lit, the smell of pie baking, and raindrops hitting your windows… or is there? Spice up your fall season with a new addition to your idea of cozy with one of our fall-themed watercolor kits. You’ll love them more than pumpkin spice!
There is nothing that makes it feel more like Autumn than the changing of the leaves. Have fun with your favorite fall colors in this project! Watch your watercolor come to life as you practice a wet-on-wet technique. Why stop there? Add some salt for a magical effect! 
Can you feel it? The scent of a campfire hanging in the air, the gentle chill the morning fog brings, and that faint hint of apple from the warm cup of cider in your hands… Can you feel it yet? Place yourself in this serene scene every day of the year with our Autumn Lake project. Let loose and let the watercolors make magic!
You can never go wrong with a silhouette painting! Nothing says Halloween more than a black cat and a full moon. This beginner-friendly project will have you reminiscing about chilly October nights. Think about what elements you can add to this painting to make it your own! 
Changing your wreath on the front door is a fun part of preparing for any holiday. Wreaths aren't just for the outdoors. Sunflowers, crisp fallen leaves, and negative space create the perfect frame for your autumn lettering.
Thank you for joining in and celebrating this beautiful time of year with us. Each painting embodies a favorite portion of the season! We can’t wait to see what you create. Please feel free to share your paintings with us on Instagram and Facebook using #letsmakeart. We also welcome you to join our supportive community on Facebook at Let’s Make Art: Watercolor and Let’s Make Art: Lettering.

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