7 days of self-care

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7 days of self-care (Art Journaling)

September might be the month of self-care, but it's important to take time for yourself here and there throughout the year! To celebrate, we are doing a week long self-care art journaling challenge using mandalas.

Why mandalas?

This seven day challenge is inspired by our mixed media artist Jesse Petersen's September Art Journaling box! Creating mandalas is more than just making a pretty picture. Clinical studies show that when you focus on drawing the circular and repetitive design of a mandala, it boosts the immune system, reduces stress and pain, lowers blood pressure, promotes sleep, and eases depression. Pretty cool, huh?

Your Daily Self-Care Prompts

Day 1: Find a rock or nature item to paint a mandala on.

mandala in purple, teal, white, and black paint on a smooth rock

created by Mary Bonnette

Day 2: Uncentered mandalas.

journal pages of three mandalas that are off center

created by Amy McGuire

Day 3: White mandala on black paper.

hand holding black paper with white mandala

created by Taylor Lydic

Day 4: Mandala with the extra words from collage paper (compassion, clarity, power).

journal pages painted green and orange with cut out word from collage paper that says

created by Raven Lowrey

Day 5: Mandala made of words.

journal page of garden-themed mandala created with words

created by Kayde Dexter

Day 6: Mini Mandalas.

hand holding a miniature mandala

created by Mary Bonnette

Day 7: Make a mandala using alternative materials like leaves, fruit, art supplies etc.

created by Taylor Lydic

Want more mandalas? Check out our September Art Journaling Box tutorials for more mandala project ideas!

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